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ROSES FOR GRACE is a Filipino Heavy - Metal Band from the City of San Jose Del Monte BULACAN.
( Philippines ) Underground Sapang Palay.
Formed in DEC.17,2004 by Ian Tolosa & Edmon "Emong " Irinco ( Orig. Drummer ). It all started in skateboards. Were all of them are skateboarders back in the year ( 2000 ). Then turned out to be as one. United by music, That is where the concept of forming a band begun. There line-up started as a 5 piece members, trim down to 3 piece line-up with ( IAN , JONZ , & EMONG ).  Due to the complicated schedule of each members that time cost by there studies including there original vocalist. At that time the band always rehearsing & playing with only three of there members. Fronted by there guitar player as there vocalist at the same time. So later that time the band decided to pull out Ian Tolosa as there front man & do the vocal part. Then this trio line line-up moved all the way to the year ( 2009 ) although the band faced several line-up changes & adding a member, this trio remain solid. The Band started as a cover band by covering old school metal to new school metal music. Even Hard rock, Hardcore, Punk rock , Alternative , & Grunge adding - up to there musical influences. The band also had several changes on there name. They started as CHAKA, Then came up the name SCREW. then later on to ROSES FOR GRACE to be mild on the outside but Hard on the inside. By then the band start making there own original Songs & materials. Soon the band start playing in some musical productions & events inside & outside of there hometown, mostly in manila area. And by the year 2009 in MAR. ( R.F.G ) ROSES FOR GRACE decided to record a 3 track demo. wherein the band include 3 of there original songs,( 1. INFERNALFLAME / 2. ABANDON / 3. SUGATAN ). But Suddenly in the month of APR.( 2009 ) Emong Irinco ( Original Drummer ) has decided to leave the band due to some personal reasons. And at the same year in the month of SEPT. ( 2009 ) BRYAN LATO from the band LIVEDCURSE came in to filled - up the missing spot left by Emong.  After that, the band take themselves to another level, fueled by there new inspirations where they get there new aggression & passion in making & playing music. Then  by JAN.2010 the band submit a demo c.d in some radio stations, including N.U 107.5 F.M ( THE HOME OF NEW ROCK ). The band's demo c.d namely INFERNALFLAME was featured & get a chance to reviewed on " IN THE RAW " show. " IN THE RAW " is N.U 107.5 F.M's show every Sunday from 5pm - 7pm at that time hosted by Franci " BREW " Reyes.
The band's logo has 2 different meaning.  The GOOD & the BAD side. The BANDS NAME symbolize the GOOD & BRIGHT side. While the PENTAGRAM sign are the BAD & the DARK side. coz we all know that it is a sign of beast, But it was originally used to represent the 5 wounds of christ.
That's why the bands name are on the top of the pentagram. To cover & heal the wounds then blocking the beast at the same time. & it also means that the bright side always win over the dark side. The bright side are always on top over the dark side no matter what.
Because GOD is GOOD & GOD always win.
The PENTAGRAM was originally used to represent the 5 wounds of christ. Also it's not point down, it's more point up. And within PAGAN tradition that means it's a symbol of protection, so either way it's a good thing not a bad thing. 
The PENTAGRAM is used as a Christian symbol for the five "SENSES". Medieval Christians believed that the "PENTALPHA" symbolizes the five wounds of Christ. The PENTAGRAM was believed to protect against Demons.
The PENTAGRAM figured in heavily symbolic " ARTHURIAN" romance.  it appears on the shield of "SIR GAWAIN" in 14th century poem " SIR GAWAIN and the GREEN KNIGHT." As the poets explains, the five points of the star each have five meanings: they represent the five senses, the five fingers, the five wounds of Christ, the five joys that Mary had of Jesus ( The ANNUNCIATION, the NATIVITY, the RESURRECTION, the ASCENSION, and the ASSUMPTION ). And the five Virtues of KNIGHTHOOD which "GAWAIN" hopes to embody: Noble Generosity, Fellowship, Purity, Courtesy, and Compassion.
REPENTAGRAM Basically putting two words together.
1. REPENT (  Meaning - to feel such sorrow for sin or fault as to be disposed to change one's life for the better; be penitent. )
2. PENTAGRAM ( Which in the dark metal world is a Satanic symbol. )
Since we are in a Christian Metal band world. This happened to be a Christian metal symbol. The REPENTAGRAM is just the new word for the Christian Metal World.
Christian Metal, Also as white metal, is a form of heavy-metal music usually defined by it's message in a song's lyrics as well as the band's dedication to Christianity. Christian metal is typically performed by professed Christians sometimes principally for Christians who listen to Heavy-metal music and many times produced and distributed through various Christian Networks.
Christian Metal exist in all sub-genres of Heavy-metal music, and the only common link among most Christian metal bands are the lyrics. The Christian themes are often melded with the subjects of the genre the band is rooted in, regularly providing a Christian take on the subject matter. It has been argued that the marginal yet transnational Christian metal sub-culture provides it's core members an alternative religious expression and Christian Identity, and that the music serves the purpose of offering a positive alternative or counter-balance to secular metal music which is known for it's generally dark and negative message.
Christian Metal emerged in the late 1970's as a means of evangelism to the wider Heavy-metal music scene, and was pioneered by the American Resurrection band, PETRA and SWEDISH JERUSALEM. Los Angeles' STRYPER achieved wide success in the 1980's. Otherwise the genre was mostly ignored by the mainstream. California's TOURNIQUET and Australia's MORTIFICATION led the movement in the 1990's. The Metalcore groups UNDEROATH, DEMON HUNTER, AS I LAY DYING, and NORMA JEAN ( Dubbed by REVOLVER MAGAZINE as the " HOLY ALLIANCE " ) broth some mainstream attention to the movement in the first decade of the 21st Century, achieving ranks in the Billboard 200.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ROSES FOR GRACE ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
RECORD LABEL : BATUSAI Records. / Unsigned / Independent Artist 
PALMERA HOMES 40 Subd.41- City of San Jose Del Monte BULACAN 40 Philippines 41
IAN TOLOSA            - Guitar / Vocals
BRYAN LATO           - Drums
JONS JUANEZA      - Bass
SONNY TORRES     - Guitar
Edmond " EMONG " Irinco - Drums ( 2004 - 2009 )
Allen Alpon - Bass Guitar ( 2004 - 2005 )
Caloy Maranao - Guitar  ( 2010 - 2013 )
 R.J FLORES                                        - Guitar  ( LIVEDCURSE )
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++PINOY BAKALIZE+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
++++++++++++++++++++CHRISTIANIZE and METALIZE by GOD ALMIGHTY!++++++++++++++++++++++++